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Life Planning ~ Done Right!

Hi! I’m Lisa Curtis, a professional with nearly 30 years of supporting people in being their best and living a fulfilled life. I am an absolute expert on creating and designing life plans with an eye towards retirement (and more!) so that my clients can live in the now.

Having a clear plan empowers my clients to take control, feel less anxious, and enjoy life as they wish to live it.

Are you feeling unsure? Waking up in the night and wondering, “how am I going to do this? What’s ahead for me besides my job?”

Your life and showing up for it is what its all about. It’s about all of the years ahead, and you want to feel confident about your future. This is your chance to design and shape those years as you want.

My joy is supporting you through the confusion, fear, or uncertainty to a energized, healthy, and carefree experience known as life.

Isn’t this the same as financial planning for retirement?

Not even close. A really great financial planner might have made some suggestions but otherwise is unlikely to address life design topics.

What stops us from doing more before we get to the retirement party?

Fear, anxiety, embarrassment, uncertainty, and surprise are what often keep us from really getting serious about this process.

If what you’ve just read sounds like what you’ve been thinking about you’re in the best possible place.

Once you have a plan, have worked out the priorities and learned about options you’re free to really live the life you’ve shaped. With clarity comes the freedom to get out and do.

A Bit About Me

I seriously love what most of my life is; it’s not perfect but its pretty darn cool. Ten years ago I left a job I loved after working for far too many years with a boss that I didn’t. Life and showing up for it has been a ride ever since ~ one I would not trade!

My days in the past were filled with stress, my nights filled with fears about what I did or did not do during the course of the day. My destiny did not seem to be my own. Have you ever felt that way? The paycheck was as steady as the stress and that’s the best thing I can say for it. I made, what seemed at the time, to be a fairly bold and courageous move; I left the steady paycheck and took back my destiny. Looking at it now it was indeed bold, courageous; it was also life saving.

I get how fear can stop us, how it can seem real. I get how it can also be False Evidence Appearing Real. I’ve learned some skills about how to manage this beast and know that in doing so I can show you how to do it too.

Creating the life you so richly deserve is up to you to obtain. Are you ready? I think you are – you’ve started the process by taking the step to start looking for solutions. Now, take the next step and start working with me!

The ‘being there’ part is how I walk the talk. Real change is tough. It takes work and focus. It takes a willingness to get up and try again when we hit a bump or fall down what seems like a canyon. I did not graduate from the Kennedy School of Diplomacy ~ I am a no BS kind of gal. My heart is huge, exploding with the belief that you can change. If you want it, there are amazing adventures just around the corner! I want you to have what you so richly deserve; a life that matches your values and beliefs.

Still have questions? You can use this link to contact me.