Trailblazing Transformation

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one. ~ Marianne Williamson

When you’re ready to take a massive step in your journey, feel empowered as you do so and move forward with the knowledge that the steps you take next are customized to you and your needs, this is the place to be. In a highly supportive, nurturing environment where you have the freedom voice your challenges, you will experience just what it is to feel the full support of a coach who wants nothing but for you to reach your goals. This is the experience for those who are ready to move, grow and transform.

We rarely take care of our needs with the same attention and thoughtfulness that we give to others; it is hard to believe that doing so isn’t selfish or greedy. But in not taking care of ourselves it is far too easy to get angry, resentful and tired. Investing in ourselves is often the best investment for not only ourselves but for our families and those we love. The long term commitment pays off in that we’re able to be more present in our lives and the lives of those whose touch ours.

Month 1: This is all about assessing and laying the foundations for your forward movement. We will take a brief look at where you are now, what and how you currently spend your time and energy. If there are practices that could do well with a bit of polish we’ll do that in this phase. We will quickly establish where you want to go, finding what speaks to you in the here and now.

Month 2: This is the month you’ll begin to notice changes and differences, so much so that others are likely to being to notice them as well. This is also the time traditionally where we tend to get ourselves stuck because of the nature of the change process; together we’ll begin to explore the story lines you use and how those patterns are reflected in your new habits. This is where we go further into the internal dialogue to uncover those previously hidden trap doors. And, because old fears can so easily emerge, we’ll be on the look out for their possible return, often in a new disguise.

Month 3: The third month is where you’ll begin to really settle into your new habits, new ways of thinking. Some of the issues that previously had been slowing you down are now much more clear so that you’re able to more easily navigate your way through them. Since we have been tailoring new practices to fit you and your needs, this is the time we will continue to make small adjustments to ensure they fit you, your life and your beliefs just perfectly.

Your responsibilities: Show up, be present, learn from our time. Be accountable for that which you have committed to. This is the program where the more cards you put on the table the more you’ll gain. The vulnerability is real , while the reward is ultimately your greatest growth.

Your results: As with any program designed to help you grow and be more, how much you stretch is up to you. If you choose to make the most of our time together you’ll have every opportunity to make life long, magical changes.