The Art & Craft of Recovery 

Saturday, Nov 2, 2019

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. ~ Carol Burnett

A half-day, in person workshop for those who view themselves to be in the process of recovering from a relationship with substances that has overtaken life itself to explore healing, support and growth with those who are in the same place.

Join me for the day with in-depth coaching from a therapist-coach who takes a slightly different approach to a familiar destination ~ clarity. Together we will explore, through a variety of mediums, what it means to be recovering from the curveballs life throws us. 

Who am I? I’m a social worker, coach and part time baker and maker of new routes towards what most of us seek; serenity, calm and growth. With over 30 years in the field of helping others overcome the hurtles that once seemed impossible, I look forward to helping you find your customized recovery plan. 

Cost $120 (3 hours), White Plains, NY

Workshop limited to 10 participants

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