What My Clients Say

Lisa is great, attentive and insightful. I felt a strong bond and connection to her quickly because of her warmth and honesty.



Before investing this time it felt as if my life and objectives were out of my control; I moved from assignment to assignment without being aware of the impact that had on my larger goals. I am now much more in control of what I’m doing, where I’m going and what will work for me. I feel much more grounded.
Theresa Marsh, SLP-CCC

Thank you for helping me get on the right path. Your support has been just at the right time.
Lee Anne


She listens. She is prompt. She is smart and an endless resource of wonderfully curated knowledge and techniques (and also very funny). She delivers feedback in a way that is approachable, educated, and makes you giggle: so you don’t feel like all the stuff you spat at her is gobbledygook.

June W.

Lisa is a thorough listener who retains information from one discussion to the next. I have found her to be someone I can rely on. She faces stress with calm and a gracious good humor, qualities I appreciate. I have found her wellness coaching to be insightful. I do not hesitate to recommend my clients to Lisa when they would benefit from her time and talents.

Maureen Smart, LCSW

As I think about our first and last call and all that transpired in between, both of us could have experienced whiplash from the flurry of changes that were presented. Slowly, I was able to start seeing my way and the dark turned to light and a path appeared in the decisions I was making along the way. Gentle, clear, direct, concise, humorous, with perfect timing as to when to offer a “story” or “example” or a metaphor to allow some distance from the intensity of the moment.
Jennifer E.


I can’t tell you how much your input in my life has affected my ability to grow and handle situations that arise in my day to day living. Your ability to help me learn a new, empowering, way of thinking is irreplaceable. Before we worked together, my decisions were guided by what would be best for the moment, not necessarily what would be best for a long term picture. You really helped me learn how to see all the pieces connect together allowing me to cherish all the moments of my life, even the tough ones.
Siobhan G


A note about the images that are shared with you; many of the clients who seek to work with me are in the process of making massive life changes. Like you, they seek a good amount of privacy as they move through the changes they have been dreaming and wishing for all these years. While I greatly appreciate their kind words I also wish to respect their request to remain somewhat anonymous, hence the use of more generic images. The words however, are all from my clients.

~ Lisa

Coach, Baker, Birder and Owner of this site