How you travel is your decision but make no mistake, while your life is yours to create, and indeed your obligation to craft into the most amazing life you can image, you are not the first to have gone down this route. A guide is always available.

State of Choice – About Me

It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. ~ J.K. Rowlings

I believe that we all constantly live in a state of choice. The ways in which we react to, respond to, and interpret the events in our lives is completely within our capacity to choose.

As a licensed therapist and coach with nearly 30 years’ experience in supporting people on their journey toward being their best self and living their life’s calling, I am well acquainted with those parts of our lives that we can not control versus those we can. I am an expert at helping you uncover what’s important to you, helping you find and use your voice, and creating that which you most desire.

My life’s story isn’t much different from yours; when we dig deeper most of us have similar components.

I believe we all had families who raised us to the best of their capacity, but no upbringing is without a few bumps and bruises along the way. It is my belief that, if you are here on this page, you have healed the wounds from your past and are ready to move forward. My work with you is all about facing forward, moving ahead with all due speed so that each day you can experience the joy that is this life, this journey, this amazing adventure.

As the product of a family of more scientists than you can count on both hands, I was raised with the concept of testing an idea out (a hypothesis), then changing something (a variable) and re-testing. Gather data, formulate a new idea, and test it again. When you find a method or formula that works for you, stick with it until such time as it no longer serves you.

I believe in choosing to look at our lives in this way, as well.

I was allowed to experiment and grow on my own terms. My childhood mud pies eventually gave way to fruit pies, and walks along the beach encouraged a sense of captivation and awe of the natural environment which thrives within me to this day. I can be as easily fascinated by the inner workings of a beehive as I can be by a well-written novel.

It is this same sense of wonder that I bring to my work with you.

It is the same sense which I hope you will feel, too.

Work With Me

Not many have had the experience of space being held just for them.

That’s what I do for you: I hold the space, belief, and faith that you can and will make the changes you seek. This space is the vessel you will use to move forward with that which is important to you. This is the space where it is safe to experiment without judgement. This is the space where you will be able to evaluate what works for you.

I have been in dark and lost places myself, so I know that navigating out of them is possible… if you choose to do so. I know because today my life today is full of sunshine, joy, and laughter. If that is what you are looking for in your own life, and you’re willing to put in the effort to get there, I’m here to guide you.

Come with me. Let’s go for an amazing adventure together to your most vivid and fantastic life.