The per capita consumption of red meat by people in a country in a recent year was normally​ distributed, with a mean of 107107 pounds and a standard deviation of 39.339.3 pounds. Random samples of size 1818 are drawn from this population and the mean of each sample is determined.

Accepted Solution

Answer:mean sample is 9.26Step-by-step explanation:Given data mean = 107 pounds standard deviation = 39.3 poundsno of sample (n) = 18to find out sample meanssolutionaccording to question we know mean of sample = 107 poundsso standard error of this sample will be standard deviation / [tex]\sqrt{n}[/tex] now put all value n and standard deviation and we get sample mean i.e.mean sample = standard deviation / [tex]\sqrt{n}[/tex] mean sample =  39.3 / [tex]\sqrt{18}[/tex] mean sample = 9.26