Rectangle J'K'L'M' shown on the grid is the image of rectangle JKLM after transformation. The same transformation will be applied on trapezoid STUV, as shown below: Rectangle JKLM is drawn on the grid with vertices J at negative 5, 1. K is at negative 5, 6. L is at negative 7, 6. M is at negative 7, 1. Rectangle J prime K prime L prime M prime is drawn with vertices at J prime 4, 4. K prime is at 4, 9. L prime is at 2, 9. M prime is at 2, 4. Trapezoid STUV is drawn with vertices at S is at 9, negative 6. T is at 9, negative 2. U is at 7, negative 2. V is at 6, negative 5.What will be the location of U' in the image trapezoid S'T'U'V'? (16, βˆ’2) (14, βˆ’2) (14, 1) (16, 1)

Accepted Solution

Answer:(16, 1) Step-by-step explanation:Comparing the pre-image points of JKLM to the image points of J'K'L'M', we see that the x-coordinates increase by 9 and the y-coordinates increase by 3. Β This is a translation 9 units right and 3 units up.Applying this same translation to STUV, we will map U(7, -2) β†’ U'(16, 1).