Nancy and Luke are drawing plans for rectangular flower gardens. In Nancy plan the garden is 18 feet by 12 feet.In Luke plan the garden is 15 feet by 15 feet.Who drew the garden plans with the greater area?What is the area?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Luke drew the greater garden planThe area of the greatest garden  = 225 feet²Step-by-step explanation:* The gardens are in the shape of rectangle and square- The Nancy's garden is in a shape of a rectangle because it has   two different dimensions, 18 feet and 12 feet- The Luke's garden is in a shape of a square because it has   two same dimensions, 15 feet and 15 feet- The area of the rectangle = L × W- The area of the square = L × L = L²∵ In Nancy garden, L = 18 feet and W = 12 feet∴ The area = 18 × 12 = 216 feet²∵ In Luke garden, L = 15 feet∴ The area = 15² = 225 feet²∵ 225 > 216* The area of Luke garden is greater than the area of Nancy garden* Luke drew the greater garden plan* The area of the greatest garden = 225 feet²