Customized ~ For You

~ made to individual specifications 

It has been my experience that when we are asked directly, ‘how would you like to do this?’ the results are far more satisfying. Whether that is getting a dress made just for you or asking an expert how to do something in a manner that works uniquely for you, we are not often invited to voice our desires and wishes. “How would you like that burger cooked?” might be the extent of what you hear when it comes to making a meal be what you’d like it to be when someone else is doing the cooking!

I want to meet you where you’re at and help you shape how to move forward, to your specifications.

Oftentimes we sense that we would benefit from support or the view a true expert can bring but find ourselves holding back, not wishing to tell another how to most effectively make interventions. 

And yet…

Without your guidance, your inside knowledge to yourself, the interventions of any coaching suggestion can only go so far. 

This is where customization comes in.

To truly speak up and share what it is you need, what works for you and what doesn’t. To be an active, engaged member of the team that is working on assisting you create the life you seek or overcome the challenge you unexpectedly found in front of you ~ this is what it means to customize a coaching program for yourself. 

To know that you can specify the interventions, time requirements and yes, even cost, gives you the best of both worlds ~ your own steering with the leadership of a coach who has gotten dirty and messy with her own changes. Who knows what it means to overcome and reshape a life ~ on a budget. 

Tailoring for you interventions that speak to you is something I love to do ~ want more notes to come your way to remind and encourage you? Yours. Feel that you do better with highly organized written assignments? That can be done too. Have time constraints that make 30 minute calls too long? Let’s change that to what works for you.

Integrating those elements that speak to you, brainstorming what might be helpful is what this option is all about. You. Your needs. Your desires. Your plan.   

Together we’ll work to create what works best for you. 


How To Start the Building

Below you’ll find the button to purchase your first call with me; we’ll talk for about 20 minutes to begin the process. In that call we’ll also talk about your budget because part of customizing is being comfortable expressing what works for you and what doesn’t. 

I look forward to hearing from you! Call now and don’t put off that goal you’ve been thinking about for years! 



Let’s get you where you want to go. #yourlifeyourway