Welcome to 2020


Well, here we are, a new year and, depending on how you choose to look at this argument, either the last year of the decade or the first of the new decade. Matters not to me what you choose to consider it because here’s the reality ~ we are here. Now. We have today, this moment and that’s what we can plan with.

In the weeks ahead you will find in my Facebook group (if you’re not there yet that can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1569843563080025/)  tips and strategies for best ways to navigate the month. I wanted this post to reflect some of the more long term, easy to implement practices that will go a long way toward creating the today you want it to be. You’ve likely heard me say this before but it bears repeating; I want you to get to the end of your life, wherever that is, with your hair flying, dirt all around and a huge smile on your face so that as you skid in, you can say that you’ve had an amazing, wild and great ride of a lifetime. Literally.

In no particular order I want to share what has been found to be effective, not only for my own clients, but proven in science based studies as well as my own willingness to add them to my life.

Get more sleep. Regardless of what your preference is for what time you go to bed, the chances are pretty good that you’re not getting good, quality sleep. We know that exercise first thing in the morning sets the body up for ease at bedtime. Go to bed at about the same time each day and plan to rise at about the same time each day. Shoot for 7 hours and plan from there. You’ll be doing this 365 days of the year so plan accordingly.

Watch less on screens. Screens are designed to pull us in. They interfere with our sleep (no screen time 30 minutes before bed is recommended) and for many, set up a belief system of what ‘everyone else’ is doing. Social media is a curated version of people’s lives so please don’t believe it’s reality.

Drink more water. Practically my mantra. I’m not talking so much that you’re setting yourself to die from too much water ~ yes, that’s a thing ~ but using water as your primary drink throughout the day is a good overall habit to get into.

Move your body. Climb the stairs, park further away from the front door at work or the supermarket, walk to work if possible, just move. Yes, getting formal time at the gym or with your home workout is nice but not always possible so do what you can with what you have.

Be clear with your boundaries. Boundaries are golden. They help us maintain our mental health. They help keep us on time and target. Although many people find this one hard, myself included, the more you practice the easier it is to say, “no, that’s not going to work for me.”

Really, truly know what you want out of today, life, your relationships, your work. It might be easier to start with what you don’t want but however you do it get clear on what’s important to you. Use that as your guide for choices and decisions, not to mention those boundaries.

Allow people into your life, your struggles and your successes. Their company and their witness makes the time we have spent that much sweeter and richer.

Be wise about your financial resources. Money doesn’t, as the saying goes, grow on trees. And perhaps you’re fortunate enough to be financially comfortable. But financial security does not buy you everything nor does spending money for the sake of spending it bring happiness. While we’re here; please don’t be ashamed of your financial situation. If you can’t afford something that your peers are seeking to do it is far wiser, more mature and in the long run better for you to say, “That’s not in my budget right now. Perhaps we could…”

One last one for today ~

Take the time out, daily, to be grateful. Gratitude is a powerful, powerful tool in our collection. Therapists, coaches, clergy, self help gurus, Oprah and Harvard Medical School (to name a few) talk about it and use it for the simple fact that it works. It helps keep our attitude and perspective in an open and receptive direction. It allows us to slow down enough to see what’s meaningful to us.

In the weeks ahead I have committed to bringing you videos on these topics and generally more here in the blog so stay tuned. In the meantime, all the best for your New Years Day.

~ Lisa