~ There is more than one way to get to the goal that you want to get to, but once you compromise your own principles, then you’re lost. You’re really lost. ~ A. Fauci

In making changes, finding our voices, heading our lives in new directions, it can be reasonably easy to feel sometimes as if you’ve lost sight of where you want to go. We all have our own unique systems for navigating new areas, new territories.

I tend to get around when driving by using a series of landmarks, some of them extremely old and some of them more contemporary; past the old Jack in the Box (gone for over 30 years!), down the bumpy road (still there!), make a right at the traffic light (brand new). But what happens when we don’t have this kind of language for internal changes?

When we feel we’ve lost our way in making changes which are more self driven we have some options for finding our bearings. The most basic way to determine if you’re headed in a good-for-you direction is to check in with your gut. Does it feel right? Scary perhaps but right? Does it have that quality of ‘I’m not so sure’?

Next start to think about how and if this matches up to what you had envisioned for yourself. Does this fit the picture you had created in your head? Our brains are super powerful and have the capacity to move us in directions we imagine, whether or not we wish to really go there! The old saying of, “Be careful of what you wish for…” is true.

Check in to make sure you have kept your core values in mind as you navigate your new directions. Above all those will be leading indicators of where you’re going and where you want to keep moving toward!

Remember, it is often sad but true that those closest to us might be the last to hop on board and cheer our changes. They too need time to adjust to what’s new in us and about us. Give them time and please don’t always take to heart what they say along the way.

Can’t wait to see where you go this week! Keep up the good work!

~ Lisa