If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your perspective. ~ Maya Angelou

Do you know anyone that likes change? I mean, the real deal, makes big changes and likes to live their lives that way? I know of very few such people. Change is tough, it is uncomfortable and we often shy away from it. What’s that about? How in the world can be break free of that cycle?

We often think of growth or of making new decisions as being about change. Sometimes it is. Sometimes however, it’s about evolution; being in a different place in our lives and making new decisions. In this process, we’re not saying the old way we did things was wrong or bad but instead what we’re saying is that we’ve found new ideas, new information and new priorities.

Over the past few weeks, a number of clients have faced some big time changes; one decided the relationship she was in was no longer healthy and opted to leave, another one recognized that paying for her married daughter’s expenses no longer served either one of them. Both made the steps necessary to start the change process.

Now, don’t read that as being “they just made that decision overnight, easy-peasy.” Not even close to reality! They took the same steps we all take; went from completely unaware to aware of the situation, began to collect data on how this felt for them/was working for them, began to collect information on what options were out there for change, contended with the niggling voice telling them rocking the boat wasn’t necessary/needed/desired/worth it/in their best interest. When all was said and done they made their moves, had those discussions, took an action.

How did it turn out for them? Don’t know yet! Here’s what is known today – a shift has started. Like you, they may need to make adjustments to what they’re doing or they may decide to go back to the way things were (although, really, once you come to big, new ideas of how you want to live your life its rather hard to go back.) Time will tell. Change is tough but it is also possible. If you want it then yes, you can do it.

What changes have you started to think about? How do you want to get there and what kind of support would be helpful to you? I can’t wait to hear what questions you’ve got!

Best for your week!

~ Lisa