Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainly is absurd. ~ Voltaire

A funny, not so funny, thing starts to happen as we move forward with new intentions – has this happened to you? – a niggling voice of doubt creeps in. A voice that you’d like to believe isn’t yours, telling you that whatever your goal is there’s no way you’re going to achieve it. “You’ve tried that before and it didn’t work…”, “What’s to say you can do that? That’s not something you’re capable of…” Have you been there? Standing in front of the mirror or driving down the road and thought to yourself, “Oh, I guess, yeah, what’s going to be different this time?”

We all have fears and doubts about changes we’re trying to make but that doesn’t indicate those new aspirations are out of your reach. One of the not so great tricks we play on ourselves is listening to that voice. Just because we thought it, doesn’t make it valid. Put another way; not all of the things we think are true just because we thought them. Our brain sometimes puts out information which could politely be described as less than accurate.

How to tell the difference between the valid thoughts from the inaccurate ones? Start by asking yourself if this is an old bit of information or if it is fear talking. From there it is going to be important to remind yourself that what was in the past doesn’t have to be what’s in the future. When we observe our thoughts from a bit of a distance it can become, over time, easier to see our thoughts for what they are; bits of random material which has some useful nuggets and other bits that we can simply watch go by, without judgement.

Stay focused on what you want, where you’re headed and have faith that you’ve made a good decision about where you want to go next with your life. Best part? You get to change your mind if you find yourself down the road not exactly where you want to be!

Wishing you the best for whatever is ahead ~ Lisa