There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time. ~ A. Lamott

Are you sensing a theme? I hope so! The past several posts are all about building on what you have, growing from where you are and making sure your life is moving exactly in the direction you wish it to go. Planning and design is all about having a very good idea of not only what’s important to you but just what makes those things important to you. It is extremely difficult to sustain a change without an understanding of what drives that change.

I’ve asked you to think about re-writing your stories in the positive, in being mindful of the frame we put around events in our lives. Rather than, “the vacation really bombed because I lost my luggage,” it could be re-framed with, “yeah, losing my luggage was unpleasant but I got to go shopping for new clothes and I got this great skirt.”

Now I’m going to push you further. I’m going to ask you to think about the times that were tough. OK, don’t linger there! Now tell me how you overcome one obstacle. What skills did you use, how did you pull it out, what were you able to draw on.

When I resigned from my full time, steady paycheck position pretty much as soon as the straw hit this camel’s back I was, to say the least, freaked out. (Don’t worry, I stayed and worked until my ‘notice’ time was over because that’s what you do!) I hadn’t really planned it, I hadn’t been interviewing or even thinking about that. But a very wise person said to me, “This. This thing right here, is NOT the end of the world. You’ve been unemployed before and you got a good position. You’ve been scared before and it worked out. This is NOT the end of the world.” And you know what? It worked out. I got a part time job within a week. Clients sought me out ~ they came looking for me! ~ when they heard I had left and they wanted to work with me. Pretty cool stuff for what had looked to be “the end of the world” for a brief moment.

Your path will surely have some potholes in it and it will most certainly not go the way you think it ought to sometimes, but if you’ve persevered before with good results, you can and will do it again.

I know you’ve overcome some pretty tough setbacks ~ I’m not even going to ask if that’s true or not because you’re a grown up and you don’t get past 12 without a few setbacks ~ but I am going to ask you write them down for yourself. Maybe even share them if you’re up for it! I’d love to hear from you!

Want some extra support? I’m right here just for that purpose. Give a shout out, get on my calendar and let’s see where you can go when you have all the energy you need!

Best for your week!

~ Lisa