I think taking care of yourself, health-wise, in every way, is 100% a winner. ~ E. Stritch

Oh my gosh! Nearly my favorite topic! I promise, I’ll try to keep this brief and not get too nutty about it. I promise I’ll try but that is no guarantee! You’ve no doubt heard me beat the drum about the need to put yourself first, that doing so is NOT being disrespectful to those around you and that indeed, if you don’t do this, nothing else will follow. Self care is a fairly huge umbrella with several pieces under it so let’s break it out a little bit.

Broadly speaking we’re talking about: nutrition, exercise, physical health, mental health, sleep, a spiritual belief system and systems of protection (wills, trusts, insurance, etc).

I’m not going to spend a whole bunch of time on any one of those particular pieces right now ~ if you want to read more about them you can easily search my past blog posts but here is where I want to spend the time; in showing you how they are both all connected and how they relate to you designing your best life.

Let’s say your goal is to be retired and living the good life by the age of 40. Great. You’ve even got a career that would put you on track to make enough money for such an undertaking. I’m going to stretch even further by saying that I trust you’ve done the math correctly, you have the details worked out. Now here’s the kicker part; do you have the pieces, outside of financial, in place? Just like any other major system, without all the pieces working in unison, at some point something will fall apart.

You can’t, under any circumstances, have a good quality of life in the long run without good sleep. Or perhaps you have good sleep habits, excellent exercise habits but you’re a hot mess in the nutrition and mental health areas. See how this goes? Maybe you’re good in all those areas and you’re saying to me, “I’ve got it under control” but then something like a car accident happens and you find out you’re not covered by insurance because you let your policy lapse. (Yep, I know that person!)

Just like last week when I asked you to start thinking about planning in small bits rather than getting overwhelmed I am going to suggest to you that you can do the same for self care. Add in one good habit a week or tackle one tough topic a month. However you decide to do it is just fine as long as you start the journey.

Have you started your journey toward improved self care? I’d love to hear about it! Drop me a line and let me know how that’s working for you! Want some extra support? I’m right here just for that purpose. Give a shout out, get on my calendar and let’s see where you can go when you have all the energy you need!

Wishing you all the best for your week!

~ Lisa