The supposed great misery of our century is our lack of time. ~ J. Fowles

I have been asking you to think things through in the past couple of months. In the summer I did a series of Live videos on Facebook and was surprised when people sent me feedback that that they didn’t think the timing was right for them to plan. Really? You don’t have time to plan or you don’t want to take the time? Let’s get serious here people!

An attorney I know says the same thing about setting up estates. She says that she practically has to beg clients to sit down for a few hours to get a handle on what will be the plans for their kids and/or their stuff, including money (!) should something happen to them.

I’m not really into the whole pounding my fist on the table routine, or trying to convince you, to get on the ball. I am here to tell you that of the clients I have worked with over the nearly 30 years in practice, the ones that tug at my heartstrings the most are the ones who say, “I wish I had done this sooner. I’m 70/75/80 and it never occurred to me to do this.”

We are all busy ~ I promise you ~ so if this means you start to break off small pieces and begin to tackle planning issues at that rate, isn’t it better than not breaking off any pieces at all?

Have you heard that Maya Angelou kept a hotel room in her hometown? She paid for it by the month and would go in by 6:30am to start writing. Apparently, she liked to keep the room spare and only had a thesaurus, the Bible and a dictionary in there as she wrote. I’d say that little room was a great staging ground for her work. Why share that with you? It illustrates the point that if something is important to us we’ll find a way to make it work. Full time employees who get up at 4am to train for marathons, busy parents who squeeze in pieces between soccer games and homework checks with their kids, professional athletes who juggle around crazy travel schedules with their teams, First Ladies who have made fitness one of their causes. If these folks can ‘find the time’ to do what’s important to them, can’t you do it too?

Don’t think you can? I’m going to challenge you a bit. In the next several weeks I’m going to focus on one area at a time. If you follow along with me you’ll have a pretty complete map for yourself soon enough. How does that sound? Do you have time for that at least? I hope so!

Want some extra support? I’m right here just for that purpose. Give a shout out, get on my calendar and let’s see where you can go when you have all the energy you need!

Wishing you all the best for your month!

~ Lisa