You have to keep adapting to the times. If you kind of go with it, it can be kind of fun. B. Corgan

You know that feeling when someone kicks you in the butt and it is for your ‘own good’? And you know it really is for your own good? Well, that’s what’s been going on here for the past few months! My butt has been kicked and now it is time for me to share with you just how that will change what you read and see here.

You have heard me say this before; I love helping my clients find solutions that work for them. I love brainstorming. And I love the changes I’ve started to make!

And here’s one of the biggest changes you’ll see; I have finally found wording that really tells you what the heck I do! Ready? I am an expert at creating and designing life plans with my clients so they can live (fully) in the NOW. I work with highly focused, ambitious and energized individuals and couples who seek the sweet spot life has to offer & the practices to stay there.

Who knew it would be so tricky to get that wording down?! Dang!

So yep, that’s what I do. It’s what I’ve been doing for a long time now but I didn’t know how to tell you that. I pull in all my resources, all  the crazy bits of information I have and share them with the singular purpose of helping you craft the kind of life, and eventually retirement, you want.

As my hair gets longer I’ll be letting it down both literally and figuratively. While I have always written in my own voice, I am striving to drop the oh-so-clinical voice and just say straight up what’s going on. Ready? Here we go!

I would love to hear from you! Got a question or a comment? A suggestion? I’m all ears…or eyeballs as the case may be! You can find me at or

Want some extra support? I’m right here just for that purpose. Give a shout out, get on my calendar and let’s see where you can go when you have all the energy you need!

Wishing you the best for your week!

~ Lisa