Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them. A.A. Milne

In case you are not a Facebook fan or if you’ve never come across the likes of a coach I thought I’d use today to answer some questions that often come my way. The process of coaching can be a bit new and somewhat…interesting…as my family calls it! If I’ve missed your question please drop me a line so I can be sure that it gets answered!

What’s coaching? This is one of those times when I’m going to tell you its pretty much what it sounds like. Sorry, couldn’t resist! Very much like a sports coach, the process of engaging a coach is one in which you’re seeking an outside set of eyes to help you reach your own goals. Coaches tend to focus on the positive, like to celebrate small gains and keep their sights set on what’s important to you. Relatively speaking, coaching is a newer form of support with it hitting the mainstream about 20 years ago.

How does it work? Most coaches work by phone or some other technology based system rather than in person. I have an office and some of my clients actually come in but for the most part I work by phone and teleconference line. Coaching is all about engaging in a relationship so we can help you identify what works for you, what your motivations are and then help you stay accountable. One of the most frequent things I hear from clients is, “I knew I had made the commitment to do it and I knew you’d ask so I wanted to get it done.” The accountability is hugely helpful for many.

Why would I hire someone to help me figure out how to live in retirement? I really love this question. Let me ask you one in reply, “Why do you hire a financial planner?” You’re going to tell me that a FA helps you figure out if you’re on track with your retirement funds, points out to you other options for how to accumulate more funds or perhaps a pitfall you had not seen. I have the same job! As a life planning coach, I’m charged with helping you sort out what your priorities are, point out possible options for how to achieve your goals that you might even know exist, and perhaps even point out how a possible plan may not match up with your goals. As a life planning coach I’m also here to help you start building, sooner rather than later, the supports around you to enable you to reach your goals.

Some of the most common opening lines I’ve heard? “I have had nearly all my joints replaced and 6 years into retirement I realize I haven’t done a very good job of planning for it!”, “I never planned for any of this and don’t know what to do.” “I hadn’t thought about that but now that you mention it, yes, this could be a problem.”

Does it help? Well, I’m a bit biased but from what my clients tell me and what others have told me, yes, it helps. That feeling of knowing where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, what the possible options are and how to put yourself in the most advantageous position possible now, can’t be overstated. When clients tell me they feel “relieved”, “secure”, and “prepared” then I have to believe something’s working! Will it help you? I don’t know! I do know if you’re curious you can keep reading my blogs or perhaps follow me on Instagram and in Facebook. If you’re beginning to get curious about all this but have some questions I’m all ears! Drop me a line or give me a call! No pressure because honestly, that’s not my thing. Ready to dive a bit deeper? Happy to do that with you! You can also drop a line or give a call!

Wishing you the best for your week ~ Lisa