If I don’t use it now, when will I use it? A Wise Woman

Recently an older friend told me about her downsizing experience after 50 years in the same house. She was horrified to learn that she had rarely used her “good” china and now she was faced with what to do with it. Not one of her kids wanted it, it was practically in perfect condition and she couldn’t bear the idea of selling it a garage sale, “It was a wedding gift!” It was wedding gift 60 years ago and since then really, tastes have changed! I didn’t have the heart to tell her that, had she offered it to me, I would not have wanted it either!

The internet, book groups, mahjong tables, best selling books all discuss the problem of too much stuff. And there is too much stuff out there! Not that long ago it occurred to me that all this new ‘stuff’ was being manufactured when the reality is there is an entirely too large pile of stuff growing by the second of that very same stuff. How many dressers or dining room chairs does any one person need or even want? How many sets of dishes do we need?

So, here’s my radical suggestion to you: use your good stuff now. Yes, I’m talking about taking out the good china and putting it on the table. I’m talking about using your ‘real’ silverware now. Will it likely suffer some damage from use? Yes. Is it possible that a piece might break or go missing? Yes. I use sterling silver every day. I have a handed down set of flatware that is nice and I have a set of the stuff you have to polish. It’s old and has a monogram on it that isn’t mine but that’s all OK because I love it. I do polish it. Does it get banged up? Well, since it is over 100 years old that’s better to me compared to the idea of it sitting in some case, used once or twice a year. To me using it is like holding history in my hand.

There are, surely, some other pieces to be tended to with love and care. I would not suggest you take out for craft night the valuable Picasso for your grandchild to ‘play’ with but I would offer that was created with idea of being seen and appreciated. Hang it on your wall. Stop and admire it once in a while. Put your grandchild’s art right next to it!

Do you have a favorite, ‘good’ piece that you can take out and start to use? I’ve love it if you shared it with us!

Best for your week!

~ Lisa