Scarcely one person in a thousand is capable of tasting the happiness of others. ~ H. Fielding

We often think of retirement as the time to “finally” get out there and do the things that you’ve been putting off. Putting off for what, I’m not sure! For most of us, who are not financially independent, remaining a part of the workforce until we formally scale down our time or full out stop working a paid gig, is a reality. This reality doesn’t mean we can’t begin to experience a small taste of retirement in the here and now.

A few simple actions we can take now:

#1 Plan at least one longer vacation for yourself and/or your family. There is a certain magic to not needing to go to work for a longer stretch of time. A week is nice but let’s be honest – most of us are still thinking about work throughout most of that time. 2 weeks is a sweet amount of time because you’ve started to decompress from work and have finally managed to start to relax a bit. Can you swing 3 weeks? Maybe you’ve got that kind of time banked from last year when you were “unable” to take vacation time? At the end of 3 weeks it is nice to get back to work but you also get the benefit of all that relaxation time.

#2 Perhaps you can re-jigger your schedule to go in late or leave early once a week so that you can take a class that you’d otherwise not be able to get to. Going out to classes (or even shopping) at hours that your peers are at work can help you meet a whole different crowd of people.

#3 Break your own routines once in a while. Go out to dinner in the middle of the week if that’s not something you usually do. Plan a longer break for lunch and meet a friend for some good laughs before heading back inside!

#4 Use a vacation day or personal day to do something extra fun. Get to that museum exhibit, that show you’ve been wanting to see or the movie you’d rather see in the theater than streaming at home.

#5 Bring in fresh flowers to the office. OK, I can hear you now, “But I’m still at work!” Yes, yes you are. But a nice, cheerful bouquet can bring a bit of the outside inside. If you work outside full time I’d suggest that you do something ‘luxurious’ like treat yourself to really good sunglasses or extra warm gloves. One client ‘treats’ himself to a satellite radio station so that while he’s on patrol he has something he likes to listen to…when he’s not listening to the radio calls that is!

Retirement will get here but why wait for some of the nice pieces that are available now? Here’s to your taste of retirement in the here and now!

Best for your week!

~ Lisa