Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ W.Churchill

As I shared with you several weeks ago one of the driving forces to my work with those entering into retirement or who are beginning to get ready for it is that I want you to have the best possible Next Chapter as you possibly can have. Not pining away for something that just can’t be because you didn’t win the lottery or angry at what is because you didn’t realize until 30 seconds before you shouted, “I’m out of here!” translates to, “did you save enough money?” And no one person is going to do retirement the same way as the next person; just can’t happen.

Whatever your definition of a successful retirement is I’d like you to do a little exercise with me. I’d like you to spend 2 minutes, right now, just sitting quietly no phone, no e-mail, no texting. Have you done that yet? OK, when you’ve done that then you can go back to reading.

You’ve had 2 minutes of quiet time? Great! Now I’d like you to stay seated and begin to think about how you imagine your Next Chapter looks. What are the feelings you hope to have more often than not, where do you see yourself, the quality of life are you hoping for?

Now, could you write those answers down? A small piece of paper, in your phone, even the back of an envelope is good. Great! Thanks! However, you wish to define and shape those years after you leave your formal career is completely up to you. Heck, it’s your retirement! Shape away.

One more thing I’d ask you; how resourceful are you? How capable of making the most of what you have or finding creative solutions to help you reach your goals is going to be super critical moving forward? We often think of people who are resourceful as being smart, persistent and willing to figure things out. If you said you weren’t that resourceful I’m going to suggest you start to think about gaining this skill because that’s what it is, a skill. OK, so there is also an attitude in there that allows some people to more quickly figure things out rather than wishing for what isn’t going to be happening.

We also know that if you can develop this skill and attitude you’ll be happier, more satisfied and willing to roll with the bumps that come along with where you went to head in retirement. I’d like to ask you to keep that list you created a few moment ago in a safe place. I won’t mail it to you or post it on my Facebook page or even suggest you post it on social media. But I’m going to ask you to save it because it will help you remember when the bumps happen what it is you were aiming for, to begin with.

Wishing you the best for your week!

~ Lisa