Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. ~ O. Wilde

Come on, ‘fess up ~ you’ve made a mistake or two. Some of them might have even been whopper ones. Painful ones I bet. But guess what? We all make them. We all know the feeling of, “holy toly, I did it that time.” Here’s my question for you however; is that cause enough to put yourself down or to have it be your defining moment? I sure hope not.

Mistakes are a part of the process of taking chances or of not thinking things through as much as perhaps we would have liked to but we’re not unique. I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the past few weeks because it seems to be a theme in my practice. Let me explain. I have this somewhat wacky idea that once in a while there is a sign that lights up outside my office door with a phrase or problem that a majority of people coming into the office can see but I can’t. OK, so it’s all magical thinking but stay with me here…the theme this past month or so has been, “I really screwed it up….”

The woman who retired and drank herself in a major problem within 10 months of her last day. The couple who realized their impulsive behavior was not only a problem, it was downright dangerous to them both. The man who blew his compensation package when he up and quit the job that was about to be downsized anyway. Not the best thinking but again, don’t we all do not brilliant things once in a while?

There is a quote by Mary Anne Radmacher I think of often, “Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.’”

Have you heard that before? I’d like to suggest to you that this is a great way to think about those whopper mistakes we make. Learn from it, glean all you can from it and then, try again tomorrow. Do your best tomorrow with the new insights you have. If at all possible try not to make the same mistake again although you might do that too. Again, please learn all you can from the experience and move on.

And what prompted me to say the ‘joy’ of a mistake? Getting out there and doing, being, participating in life means we are opening ourselves up to mis-steps. It is a joy to learn and a joy to survive those mistakes.

What will you survive this week? Wishing you all the best for what comes your way this week.

~ Lisa