The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~ St. Augustine

Oh, the thrill of travel! It must have been so much cooler when traveling by plane wasn’t about either being charged way too much for comfortable seats or getting squished into the not so economy seats but never-the-less, travel is just about the best thing going. New people, new sights to see, new cultures. How great! Love it. Love to have new stamps in my passport. Love to hear new sounds and see things that had previously only been experienced in photos or through other people’s stories. Love to get new charms for my bracelet (see photo above).

One question I hear a great deal is just how to plan the travel. A good number of people like to travel and it seems that timing is harder than we’d all like it to be. Go to Europe when you’re younger and can experience it in a very different way? Try to go away before the kids? After the kids? When the kids are older? When we’re older but not too old? For those of you with unlimited resources these might not be questions you’ve had to ask yourself but for the rest of us they are ones which comes up with each opportunity for vacation.

There will be a sweet spot ~ I can’t tell you where exactly ~ when some of your financial obligations are a bit more taken care of and you’re in good health, when the travel option is just about perfect. Or at least that’s the hope. I am going to suggest to you that if you want to take in a new place it is nice to go when you hit that spot.

What makes that spot the most ideal to get out there? You’ll be young enough that you won’t need a break every 30 minutes and wise enough to know that while 5 star hotels are super excellent you’re not in Rome or Bermuda to sit in the hotel room. You’re there to get out and about, so get out and about!

I’ve been lucky enough to have some stamps in my passport ~ a friend of mine has a crazy number but that’s a story for another day! ~ and can tell you there is just as much fun in the planning stages of a vacation as there is in actually being in that great destination. If you’ve never traveled but have always wanted to I’d suggest you try a tour or something that is driving distance from home to get yourself in the groove. Ready to do something more exotic? Fun stuff! I hope you have fun! Please send me some pictures!

So? Where are you headed to next? Bali? Cape Cod? Safe and happy travels to you!

All the best for your week ahead!

~ Lisa