The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. ~ unknown

Do you remember last month’s post about some of the pieces to consider regarding a move? Any move requires some thought but a move to downsize or go out of state ~ or out of the country for that matter ~ require a bit more thought. I also challenged you last month to throw something out; how did that go? I threw out an old cutting board and others of you threw out lamps that didn’t work, an old frying pan that should have gone out with the magazines from 1972. Keep at it! I suspect you’ll be grateful when the time comes to ‘really’ clean out!

Here are some of the other how to pieces to keep in mind as you begin to plan:

What kinds of services are offered in the area you’re moving to? I just found out that in the village I live in the library delivers to your door any book or movie you’d like to see if you’re home bound. Pretty neat. Other communities offer services, sometimes for a fee, for people who might believe they have climbed enough ladders and don’t need to do so as their bones get a bit older, in order to change a high light bulb or clean the gutters. Are there activities and events that you would enjoy going to in your new location? If monthly garden club meetings are important it would be good to know if they are an option.

Transportation is a huge issue as we all get older. Unless you live around family who have the capacity to be available please don’t discount this in your planning. Moving to a city is a great way to be able to move around but you might wish to check the train/bus schedule. Moving out to the country is great but comes with the very real possibility that transportation options are limited if you find yourself unable to drive for some reason.

And one more thing, which I’ve talked about before but is so important it merits mentioning again: stairs. Stairs and steps are no laughing matter as we get older. They have the very real capacity to make or break a location. I know an older woman who is essentially housebound because she lives on the top floor of a multi-storied building that lacks an elevator. She can no longer manage to get in or out of the building without an ambulance crew. I can hear you now, “that won’t be me, I’ll never do that!” Even 8 steps up to a porch can be Mt. Everest if you’re struggling with steps. Please be mindful of this when you go out looking for the next place.

Keep at it with the throwing out! Here’s my very real hope that this has been helpful to you!

Wishing you the best for your week!

~ Lisa