images-10In a sense, clutter is the end result of procrastination postponed. ~ J. Campbell

A bonus Tuesday for us! How great is that? I’m going to keep this week’s Wellness and Retirement Planning piece pretty short. Very short as a matter of fact. I’m going to leave it at this ~ please go, right now, and throw something out. Something that you’ve held onto for far too long. Something that you don’t want or need someone else to throw out later. Just go pitch it. Now.

Where’s this coming from? A collection of recent stories and discussions I’ve had with folks about stuff and what happens with it all. I did an interview with a woman who has made an entire career of helping people retrofit their homes ‘after the fall’ ~ by the time you read this it has likely aired on my podcast, “The Mindful Retirement” so take a listen! I heard about friends who are moving out of their home after the fall happened which convinced them it was time but now are finding themselves with only a few months to clear out their home, sell it and move into the new location because they can’t afford to pay for two places at once. A discussion with my now 100 year old neighbor Fay who often looks around her home and wonders where things will go, “What do I need this for? Who will want it when I’m gone?”

By now you have an idea of what you need to pitch out of your home so please, go and do that. It doesn’t mean it didn’t serve a purpose at one time or that there aren’t memories attached to it but it does mean we don’t need to hold it in our hands to hold those memories. Take a picture of it, write about it in your journal but let the ‘thing’ go. The chair, the falling apart dress, the collection of magazines you and no one else has read in 50 years. Thank it for what it gave you and then out with it.

Happy pitching!

~ Lisa