imagesYou can make a wish or you can make it happen. ~ unknown

Hey! Did you notice that 2017 has indeed arrived? It is surely here! Last week I asked you to think about setting New Years Resolutions a bit differently and wanted to check in with you to see how that was going. Have you found the challenge a bit more challenging than you expected it to be? I’ve heard from several of you that you have. Great! Great first because I love to hear feedback and great too because new means that you’re thinking and thinking is good.

Since the year is so fresh and shiny if you’d like to set those goals now you still can ~ actually, you can always set new goals for yourself, regardless of the day or special occasion it might be. We tend to use events, such as New Years or our birthdays, as markers because they are consistent. They will always show up, at the same time, allowing us to have a target to shoot for.

I asked you last week to set yourself resolutions which were based on feelings; how do you want to feel about something rather than just keeping yourself focused on a ’to do’ approach. You might have heard this approach referred to as “non-scale” goals for weight lose and “goals with souls” for other types of goals. There’s a method to the madness of this and it goes back to how our brain works. A hard and fast target, “I will lose 10 lbs by April 4th” is wonderful and completely approachable but it doesn’t really give our brain much to go on. If we think of our brain a little like the autopilot on a plane, in that our brain will steer us toward our destination sometimes with poor results (think of the plane that crashed into the mountain because it was focused on the settings and not necessarily worried about those pesky mountain ranges,) we begin to see how goals without feelings attached might not lead to long term changes we’re seeking.

When we add in a ‘soul’ or feeling to the goal, “I want to save more money in the year ahead so that I can feel more financial freedom” we can focus on the freedom feeling rather than the “I can’t go out to dinner because I’m suppose to be saving more money” message we send to our brain, which takes us into the land of deprivation…not a good place to be!

I trust you have some thoughts about what you’re seeking for 2017 and hope you’ll approach those ideas with some new tools this year! Need some extra support? I’m here for that too if you want the extra accountability or assistance.

Wishing you the best for what comes next!

~ Lisa