Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. ~ unknown

What oh what to say on this election day about Wellness? Actually, there’s a great deal and I’m going to start first by reminding you, if you haven’t already, to go vote. Not usually taken to the patriotic tone I find myself at this time of the year saying, “Voting is what makes this country amazing; please go exercise your privilege to have your voice heard.” Live somewhere you believe your vote, “isn’t going to matter”? Nonsense! Every vote counts. From the Pew Charitable Trust come these examples just from 2014:

In Mount Dora, Florida, a tied City Council race was resolved when the challenger’s name was pulled from a hat.

Two tied races in Lincoln County, Kentucky, were decided by coin tosses.

In Neptune Beach, Florida, the tiebreaker for a City Council race was fairly elaborate: First, a judge drew names from a hat to determine which candidate would call a coin toss. Then, a second judge flipped a coin to determine the order in which the candidates would pull a numbered pingpong ball from a bag. And finally, the candidate with the higher numbered ball was declared the winner. It took six minutes and three games of chance.

Tell me again how your single vote doesn’t count? And for the record, City Councils are the folks who have the capacity to change our day to day experience on an up-close and personal level, so it is not my idea of ‘no big deal.’

I’ve got a few suggestions to get you over the line today and keep you focused on what is most important to you ~ taking care of you.

Turn off the TV/radio/other electronic devices with news feeds; you will hear all you need to hear about tomorrow and wondering if it’s raining in Boston and how that will impact some vote or another isn’t worth your time. Even if you live in Boston. Even if you’re a candidate. Yep. Really. If you’re the candidate, your staff will tell you when the time comes to make one speech or the other. If you’re the staff, I would suggest you take care of yourself tomorrow but your job today requires you to have gotten into shape before today.

Get your workout in and stick to your own excellent habits. Easy-peasy way to lower your stress and anxiety, ensure a good night’s sleep.

Go to bed. I am indeed suggesting that you get to bed. On time. Without the TV on or your cell phone next to your pillow. You will hear the news of the town dog catcher’s race tomorrow morning. Right?

I am not trying to say this election isn’t important ~ it is. Every election is and this year especially so. What I am also saying however is that after you cast your vote, shake the hands of the nice people at the polling station, it is in your best interest to take care of you. Take a walk, read a book, meditate, snuggle with the dog. Where will Wednesday, November 9th, find us? I don’t know. I do know no one is going to take care of me other than me. Same goes for you.

Be well!
~ Lisa