Being famous on Instragram is basically the same as being rich in Monopoly. ~ unknown

Have you seen those groups at the dinner table, maybe when you’re out for dinner, all of them holding their smart phones and not engaged in discussion with their company? My clients often tell me they don’t want this to be them when we discuss connecting on social media and guess what? I don’t want that for them or for you either!

Connecting on social media is a tool. Like all tools, is most valuable when used properly. How you use social media to connect is a delicate dance of what you feel comfortable with and what others are using. Is your nephew is posting pictures his newborn on Facebook you’re not there? Guess what? You’re not likely to see those pictures!

“I can’t learn” and “I don’t want to be bothered” drive me bonkers as a coach! Sure you can! Seriously, is it so hard to stretch a bit? I get it that it might feel uncomfortable but so terrible you’re not willing to try? I don’t buy that. You’re reading this, you’re engaged in the process of planning out or living a mindful, fulfilling retirement…don’t tell me you’re not able to do this!

Worried that you’re going to spend too much time online? You know where the power switch is or the log off area is; use them!

Facebook is an easy to use, easy to understand bulletin board of sorts. Be mindful of the privacy settings and remember, you don’t have to read something if you don’t want to. This isn’t a private bulletin board in your kitchen!

Pintrest is a bulletin board that actually looks like a bulletin board. You ‘pin’ stories or ideas you find from other sources on the web to your boards. Very visual.

Instagram is the photography version of a text message. Great for sharing new baby pictures, celebrate the repainting of the bathroom and that sort of thing.

Snapchat allows you to send text messages, photos and videos which disappear after a few minutes. Great for casual discussion but please remember, everything you put up on the web can be found at some point as nothing ever really goes away.

Twitter is the one with the hashtags (#) and limits your posts to 140 characters. A bit harder to learn at first but it does connect you with others and the larger world very effectively. You can ‘follow’ people and groups, as you can on Facebook, and most recently this is the way breaking news is hitting the news. Privacy is tricky and you have to take care if you want to keep your posts private; consider it to be pretty public.

Charter Wellness has a Facebook page and perhaps one day Pintrest! I’d love to connect with you on Facebook and until then wishing you all the best for your week!

~ Lisa

Here’s the link for Facebook!