P1090433Life always offers you a second chance; it is called tomorrow. ~ unknown

Have you ever gotten to the end of a day and thought, “dang, I meant to…I wanted to…I was going to…today and it didn’t happen.” Boy, do I know the feeling! It sometimes feels the intentions I set in the morning are history by about 7:15am. What to do about that?

First things first. Beating ourselves up over having not completed something usually isn’t worth it. Actually, it rarely pays to beat yourself up over just about anything.

There is a good amount of science which indicates how important it is to set intentions. Intentions, stated another way, are simply our goals for the day such as to make healthier choices or to be more kind to strangers. We know the process of setting those intentions set our brain up to head in the direction of our intention rather than wandering aimlessly about or relying on willpower.

There is also, I’d like to remind you, very few opportunities are now or never. Chances are if you pass something by today you’ll get another chance in the future; just can’t tell you how far into the future that will be! Afraid you won’t recognize something you really ought to seize? The fear is going to be enough to blind you to whatever else is going on around you. Breathe. This reminder is one I hear about from my clients, “You’ve been telling me to breathe and you know what? It worked. I was so surprised that something so easy could help.”

When I coach a new client, this sense of missing something, of not having done something ‘correctly’ or having not seen it, can be overwhelming. I’d invite you to hear me clearly when I say that it is all a learning process. Upset that you didn’t add to your retirement fund last month? Make a double contribution this month or increase your monthly by a little bit for a few months to make up for it.

Early enough in the day to ‘start again’? Never hurts to spend a moment and begin the day again! Getting ready for bed when you recognize the shortcoming for the day? No sweat! Have a great night’s sleep and start again tomorrow because it really is your second chance!

Wishing you all the best for your day today because remember, yesterday’s tomorrow is today!

~ Lisa