imagesAnyone who waits for someone else to make a change automatically becomes a follower. ~ P. Manning

Dear Mr. Manning,

Hope you’re doing well!  You’ve made it through a cycle: one training camp and now one opening game have now passed; gotta ask, how are you doing with that? Does it feel real yet?

My clients are often surprised at how important it is-and how very challenging it can be!-to find their purpose as they move forward.  Your attempt to get Eli over for nachos on Tuesday hits close to home for my soon-to-be, or new retirees-realizing the very real difference between some time off, and an empty calendar. Eli is still working, remember? Perhaps trying to connect with Archie would be a bit easier.

Pretty sure your QB instincts played a big part in helping you find focus, explore options before you “had” to, BRAVO! We all know preparation is key. Decisions made too quickly, or without enough information often don’t go well.

You’re following the playbook Charter Wellness presents to clients: Establish routines, keep physically active- engaged, active and present. Sweat really is the magic elixir to ward off so many age related issues!! Bet you’re not missing getting smashed by some big dude in padding one bit!

Seems you’ve done an awesome job of re-defining who you wish to become. Imagine, scoring a gig that gives you a grand opportunity to work in your bathrobe – SWEET!  You’ll find it’s taking those small steps that best help make transitions in Your Next Chapter real, and fulfilling.

Heard you’re moving East? Cool beans! Or perhaps making a major purchase involving some Titans? If you do end up moving, just keep in mind stuff and more stuff do not make a home; home really is where your heart is. Some of my clients do move, but most all find this is the time to also take stock, and re-evaluate their space and their stuff.

You’ll come to find that letting go of some of the old things allows your space to fill up with new memories and experiences quickly, for sure!  Celebrating holidays and milestones as well as Tuesday night nachos are time-honored practices for staying close-whether within a spiritual community, or dinners with that massive family of yours. These are well known, well studied habits which I guarantee will make Your Next Chapter happy and healthy.

Thank you again for the thrills, and now the chuckles, but also for being a great role model for the rest of us.

Wishing you all the best for whatever comes next and if you need a hand in your quest for what comes next, I’m here!

~ Lisa