Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald


In beginning to think about how you’d like to take control of how you’ll shape the years ahead I’d also like to invite you to think about you for a minute. Well, to be more specific, to think about the ‘you’ you used to be and what changes might be helpful moving forward. Someone I know is fond of saying, “that was the version of me that made beef stew; that version is gone.” Perhaps there’s a version of you it would be best to leave behind?

There are pieces about ourselves that will change as we age. Holy cow! Where did those laugh lines come from?! While I can tell you there will be changes, I can’t tell you what, specifically, are in store for you. Here’s what I can also tell you; if there’s a personality trait you’d prefer to leave behind now is the time to do that. Like, right now. The longer we hold onto those traits the less willing they are to fade. This will take a very conscious effort on your part but I promise, you’ll be happier later if you let go now.

Some tips to get you started on the road to leaving those traits behind:

Compromise is a lost and valuable art form; cultivate it where you can.

Begin to appreciate that things and yes, you, will change. Change isn’t all bad.

If you don’t understand what is driving someone or yourself, just ask; information is the key to understanding.

Sometimes those around us need space to get adjusted; space isn’t bad either. Isolating is bad for all.

You might find new information helpful on your quest to leave those traits behind; perhaps you’ve heard me talk about the benefits of meditation? A great example of new information driving a change!

Remember that old traits can be like an old, favorite pair of jeans; great and wonderful but not so appropriate to wear out in public anymore.

Wishing you all the best on your journey this week!

~ Lisa