The best way to achieve any goal is to have a written plan. A goal that isn’t written down is just a dream. ~ unknown

I hear it all the time, “I’m too young”, “I have nothing so why plan”, “the kids will know what to do…” Have you been guilty of those statements around planning for your estate and future? Here’s one of my favorites, “If I write out a will and plan then won’t I just be saying that I’m ready to die?” Well, I suppose that could be the case if you’re super superstitious but really, if you think about it, we’re all going to come to an end of some sort. Whether you choose to get frozen and hope for a later thaw (literally) or if you are thinking to live to be 100 like my neighbor (she’s 6 months away!) before the end arrives, plans are good.

I realize there is nothing sexy about this topic. No fun way to draw you in other than to ask, plead, strongly urge you to actually do this. Not think about it but to really do it.

Let’s talk about the reasoning behind this so you won’t completely run away. Planning has the capacity to give you peace of mind. Sort of like knowing that you have a rainy day fund or that stash of chocolate covered almonds hidden in the closet; just knowing is often enough. You and your family will have the confidence that this is tucked away for the distant future.

Scary but true ~ most folks spend more time planning their vacations then they do their estates. You have worked hard for what you’ve earned and saved; not making provisions for where it goes next, and how, is just silly.

Sitting down with an attorney and your partner will also allow you to protect your assets as well as your health. Yes, I said ‘health’. I can hear you now…”we’re talking about the end so my health can’t be what she said!” I did. Want to stay connected to a ventilator for a few years? That’s fine but if you’d prefer not, you’ve got to tell someone and have it in writing. Want your grandmother’s candle sticks to go to your great niece? Cool but make sure it’s in writing and correctly executed. Do this now. Do this so you don’t have to think about it.

Every family handles the loss of a loved one differently but trust me, feelings will be hurt, people will have misunderstandings, if you don’t take the time now. I promise, it will make you feel better in the long run and feeling better just might lower your stress level and we know that’s a good thing for your overall health! There! I managed to finish on a high note! Whew! Please. Plan. Now. Thank you.

~ Lisa