Sweat is magic. Cover yourself in it daily to grant your wishes. ~ Anonymous

You’ve waited for this, worked for this and now it is finally here ~ the Holy Grail known as Retirement. Congratulations! Seriously ~ very impressive! Here’s what I don’t wish for you; days spent in various doctor’s office’s, a kitchen counter filled with vials of medications and the inability to stray further than a few hours from home. You’ve worked hard and now you get to kick back, have some fun; not spend so much time at the doc’s office you know their routines better then they do! Regardless of your current age, it is not too late to either slow down or change the course of your physical health.

There are a few key areas of our health that need special attention as we move along the birthday candle parade: balance, flexibility, endurance and strength. In tackling those specific challenges we stack the odds in our favor that the future will be filled with wonderful things.

Not taking the time to improve your health will likely not work out well. Our natural aging process is breaking down our bodies each day. While we can stave off some of the inevitable, not taking care of or getting into the best possible shape now means we’re asking for trouble later. Does this mean you won’t face any illness? Of course not but you may be able to delay or prevent some problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and limited mobility (I don’t know about you but none of those sound good to me!)

Engaging in activities that require us to work many muscles at once allows us to squeeze maximum benefit from less effort. Park the car further away from the entrance of the supermarket on a nice day ~ the walk will work on balance, endurance and strength. Rake some leaves and you’ll be working on balance, flexibility and strength. Got the idea? Will you sweat? Sure! Isn’t that great? Better that than the alternative!

Taking care to take care of your mood, lowering your stress level and finding some inner calm will also pay off as you age. There are countless studies which tell us the more we do to take care of our brains as we age, the happier we will be with the whole ‘getting older’ business. You’ve heard me say this before so I’ll not belabor the point; meditation pays off big time. Doing puzzles, staying engaged with friends and socializing are all awesome for the brain and mood.

Taking care now means less being taken care of later. So, go build up that sweat, engage in something fun! Got a favorite age-defying activity? Drop me a line and let me know about it! Can’t wait to hear from you!

~ Lisa