This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen it before. ~ Maya Angelou

We hear all the time about what we “should” be doing ~ working out more often, for longer periods of time, flossing daily, sleeping at least 7 hours a night, eating healthy, whole foods ~ and yet have you noticed that sometimes it is hard to either do these pieces or to understand how they all come together? Honest to goodness, it is super easy to imagine that if we did all the pieces which have been suggested to us we’d never get to our place of employment or spend a few minutes just chilling out with the dog/partner/kid of our choice!

One way I’ve seen people “put the pieces together” is to swallow, whole hog, what they see as a lifestyle. They move to a farm when they are truly more oriented to life with close-by neighbors and believe that by living on that farm they should be able to can up their own garden produce. Oh yeah, they’ve never even planted a houseplant. Or become focused on one piece of the puzzle such as working out regularly but at the same time continue to smoke, eat fast food and fail to get enough sleep in any given night. OK, that’s extreme but I have seen it. Or more common, the folks who work out for 3 hours a day and don’t have much time for anything else. Does this work for some people? Sure. For most of us? Not so much. 

Last week I told you that some changes were headed your way with these posts and this is another one of those changes ~ you’re going to start to hear how to put those pieces you find useful or believe would be most helpful to you into your life in ways that feel authentic to you. I’m also going to start to challenge you to think about what you’re choosing ~ to look at the bigger picture and make some decisions based on that.

Think of these as an extension of the mantra I told you about a few months ago, “Show up. Be Present. Learn.” You’ve shown up and now I want to nudge you to be a bit more present, a bit more aware of what you’re picking when you pick and what, by extension, you’re leaving behind. Will you join me?

Wishing you all the best,
~ Lisa