The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. ~ Anonymous

Don’t you just know it? Just a few days ago as this piece was taking shape, Jane Brody, a columnist from the New York Times, wrote a whole piece on the topic! And then there’s Brian Tracy who wrote a book on the topic! Well, I’m happy for them but I’m going to forge on and give you my take on this because re-invention is headed my way too. For a couple of years now I’ve been working on “this coaching thing.” While I love what I’ve been doing, the time has come to do some tweeking. I hope you’ll stick around with me through the process.

Let me tell you what’s on the immediate horizon because you’ll likely notice that first; these posts will start to go out about once a week. Perhaps more often if something comes up which I think you’d like to hear about; I’m not one to hold fun stuff from anyone! That being said, if there’s nothing to say I sure don’t want to clutter your in-box; hate that. Look for something about once a week. 

Change number two will be my focus. I have been increasingly struck by wellness and retirement topics. I’m even more interested in the intersection of wellness and retirement, life and the bigger picture. So you might be wondering about the thinking on this one. Let me share. There are a ton of books, articles, classes and courses on how to get your life and career started, how to move up (see the Tracy book for that), move over or move out (see Brody for that) but very little about how to plan for and find joy in the later stage of our lives. Very little about how to make these pieces work for you. Not for me or for the person down the block but for you.

What I can’t take away is my love of science. Making changes is all well and good but I’m still going to be searching for, looking at and bringing to you what the science says. If it says anything at all. So many of the topics we all confront at some point have more to do with what we feel is going to work for us, not necessarily what the science says.

The road ahead might get a bit bumpy or might not seem as polished as one might expect but I promise you ~ things will smooth out and in the long run I hope you like what you see in the coming months! Thanks everyone for all your support!

Wishing you all the best,
~ Lisa