Do what you love. ~ Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, for all his faults, was a true visionary. He saw things, had a way of articulating ideas and creating that has made the world we all live in far better. Jobs’ message to us is universal; If you’re not doing what you love in most, if not all, the areas of your life, then before you know it, you’ll be an unhappy camper. There is no way around that.

In my grandmother’s generation there were some exceptions but for the most part women were given limited options for what to do to make a living until such time as they married and then keeping a home and raising children was the expected path. Men too were given fairly tight parameters; choose a career that allowed you to meet the right woman to marry and then make enough money to support your family. I can’t help but wonder how many unhappy people were to be found on any given day! And talk about planting the seeds for a cultural revolution that came in the 1960’s! Wow!

Now, back to the present time. There has been no time in history when we’ve been encouraged to think about what we’d like to do, what will ultimately make us happy, and then told we could go ahead and do that than this time. Right now. This isn’t to say we don’t have to make a living but we can make a living, perhaps a very good one, if we listen to what we love. Note that isn’t, “what I can tolerate”! I can tolerate a whole lot of work but does it make my heart sing? Does it give me great satisfaction on a daily basis? If not then move on!

Here’s what we know about engaging in work and a life that brings us love: our health improves. A lot. Stress levels go down and our ability to find satisfaction goes up. We have more energy because we’re not so stressed out. Our capacity to be in the moment increases because we’re not in that cycle of dread and doom. Humor returns. The real deal, laugh until your stomach hurts, kind of lightheartedness. We sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed. Why? Because we’re not dreading what tomorrow will bring in the office. Relationships will get better; all of them. When we have to do an unpleasant task, because some of those won’t go away anytime soon, we are able to do them without the dragging feeling we had felt in the past. We’re more creative. We are more readily engaged in what we’re doing and therefore can think/create/blow up ideas which in the past were just withering away on the rope of our dissatisfaction.

Can you do this? Sure you can! As Dr. Suess said, “You’re off to great places, you’re off and away!” Want some extra help? Given a call or drop a line! Here’s what I know without a doubt; if you’re looking to make a change, you most certainly can do it and if you’ve made a change but find that it needs to be tweeked a little bit you can do that too. I have confidence in you and trust you’ve got it for yourself! Happy Spring!