Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. ~ Albert Einstein

We’ve spoken for the past two months about mantras and specifically the one I tend to fall back on most days of the week, “Show up. Be Present. Learn.” There has yet to be a circumstance it hasn’t applied to so I’d invite you to think about this; under most conditions it is possible to learn something. A big thing, a not so big thing, a thing you knew before but needed to be reminded of. Without taking in as much as we can, under as many situations as we are presented with, it is likely we’ll walk away from valuable experiences without having gained all that would have been possible.

Let me put it to you another way, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.” (Anonymous) Life is tough and life is grand and wonderful so with this assured knowledge why not gain as much as you can from all you encounter?

What can you learn? I seriously don’t know! Here’s what I do know; if you allow yourself the opportunity to receive, you’ll gain what it is you need for that moment. Does that sound too New Age-y for you? Here’s the same thing said in developmental psychology terms; we take in information and events only to the extent that we are able to process the information presented. This is how young children ‘miss’ events that happen right in front of them or how it is that under times of extreme trauma individuals are only able to ‘register’ what they can from their situation.

It often appears to us that we keep hearing the same thing “over and over again” as my clients often refer to it and indeed this may be true. It is a unique human situation that we tend to put ourselves in similar situations until such time as we recognize that we don’t need to be there anymore or that we would prefer not to have to do “that” again – again, what “that” could be is completely your call.

In my general list keeping habit there is even a list of important stuff to be learned; here are a few for you in an effort to help you learn from the paths I’ve been down:

Get your will in place now – not later, not ‘after…’ but now

Change the oil in your car regularly – easier to do than the other options

Floss your teeth – yep, it is that important

If you don’t want others to find out about it then don’t do it – this is whatever you’d like it to be but you get the point

As for today’s lesson, I was reminded of the importance of getting exercise in early so that the temptation to skip it doesn’t have time to take a firm grasp! What’s your learning lesson today? How do you want to apply it? Can’t wait to hear all about it!