You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it. ~ Robin Williams

Admit it ~ you’ve had that amazing idea while in the shower, head full of shampoo and running late for work. Now what to do? Most likely best to start with the obvious; get that shampoo out of your hair, don’t forget the conditioner and when your shower is complete you can decide your next steps!

The warmth of the shower, the relative calm it triggers in our brains, makes it the ideal location for your brain to start to spark ideas. Creative, big, hairy ideas. Some of them are easy to let go of quickly such as, “I could sell my couch, pitch a tent and save a ton of money living more simply!” Other ideas have this nasty habit of sticking around for a longer time.

Write down that idea of yours, quickly. If writing isn’t your thing or you can’t find a scrap of paper then leave yourself a memo or reminder on your phone, whatever it takes to get the idea off your brain. Once out, you have both created space for more ideas to sprout and allowed the process to begin in evaluating your spark.

If possible when you’re first recording your idea, try to string together the thoughts that got you to that place. For both great business ideas and ideas which you’d like to put into effect in your personal life this stringing together will you to replicate the pathway in your brain for later assessment.

Try to get your spark of an idea up and running as soon as possible. That way it will either flourish or fade quickly, freeing you to make more decisions and be more creative sooner. Think of it this way; if you find out it is a great idea you then can put your energy into it but if ultimately it is clearly not going to work you’ll be able to put your energy into other ideas. Some of our ideas can be a wee bit radical so for those my suggestion is that you harness the idea and test it out in a less risky manner.

Be sure to ask others for feedback, stay as objective as possible when evaluating the idea and if necessary, give your idea some time and room to be fully flushed out. May the next spark be one of your best!