“Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.” -Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Another year has arrived. Are you feeling ready or are you just feeling grateful the Holiday season is over? Either way I’d like to get us started off on our best possible foot for your amazing adventure of 2016. In the run up to New Years we are bombarded with marketing telling us this is the year to …(fill in your own favorite resolution here)…and this is the year you’ll do it. Well, guess what? This can be the year you reach those goals! Perhaps some of them will take a bit more time but you can get where you wish to go with an effective plan and the support you may have lacked in the past.

How do we get there? Thought you’d never ask! Let’s start at the beginning; by looking at what hasn’t worked in the past. Henry Ford is quoted as saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Now, grammar issues aside, Mr. Ford has a point; if we don’t do something differently we’re not going to get different results.

Part 1
Spend some time this week looking at what you’ve done in the past and what kind of results you’ve gotten. Really break down those results to make sure you are comparing the component parts correctly. Was your goal to increase your productivity at work? Did you perhaps start out by making decision to ‘gain’ more time at work by skipping lunch? How did that work out? Did you find yourself resentful about missing a break in the day? Did you end up spilling lunch at your desk all over a report you were reviewing?

Part 2
After you’ve looked at what you did in the past I’d like you think about what has worked, when did you meet the goal, even if only for a few days or hours. How did you do that? What made that possible? Did you find yourself more effective at work when you didn’t spend your coffee break with George, who does nothing but complain? Does that tell you something?

Part 3
Make a plan. Any plan. Write it down. When we commit to a goal, write it down and share it with others, we’re more likely to carry through. You might want to take into account what has both worked and not worked in the past so your plan is as well informed as possible. A handy trick is to make sure you focus on the positive here rather than dwell on the negatives. “I will take a break only to get a cup of coffee and return to my desk after I do a lap around the office so that my blood is flowing and my brain is fully engaged.”

Part 4
Review that plan in a week or two. Again, be sure to focus on what worked more than what didn’t work. Reassess and retool your plan as necessary.

You’re on your way! It might be tough or tricky or a little bit of both but I have total confidence that if change you’ve identified for yourself is important to you, this will be totally obtainable. Can’t wait to hear what you’re working on, what you’ve committed to and what challenges you’ve overcome. I’m here for a bit of extra help if that would be good for you but know that you have all the skills necessary to do this. Wishing you all the best for 2016.