It sure seems every day there is something screaming at us from social media or our friends about the latest this or that ~ the most popular workout, the best new place to go shopping, the news app we just need to download. But have you ever thought about what’s really going on and how easily influenced we are? Do you know there’s even a designation in LinkedIn for “Influencers”?

We won’t spend much time discussing this right now but it would be dandy if you’d start to give some thought as to how you decide to do some things. Did you buy that pillow because it was talked about on the radio yesterday (yep, they were pitching a pillow to sleep with) or because you saw a great ad for it just as you were wondering if it was time to replace yours? Do you remember Pet Rocks? Great example of a fad!

Please don’t let yourself get sucked into something that’s really not for you. What prompts me to say this? Yet another client has decided to ‘juice’. What sparked this decision? She heard it was ‘good for you’. Perhaps it is…perhaps it isn’t but more to my point ~ did she really think it through? Turns out not and for her the decision had some consequences because she’s also diabetic.

Fads are interesting phenomenons because they can move so quickly. Apparently this past summer “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” became a super hot, flying off the shelves in New Jersey beverage. Not so far away, in my neck of the woods, I’ve never heard of the stuff!

Trends, as opposed to fads, tend to move more slowly and in a manner of speaking, be in the game for the long haul. Examples to use here would include organic foods, cell phones, exercise for all. Not so many years ago these were all far out, only certain people participated in them, notions. I’m not sure ‘organic’ was even a term I heard applied to food until about 20 years ago ~ and then it meant food you got from the farmer’s market!

As Thriving and Flourishing Individuals I’m simply asking you to slow down a bit, think about what you’re participating in and make an informed decision. Are you doing this because you believe in it, because you want to or because you’ve heard the hype and feel it’s now or never?