Once again the calendar has brought us around to the Holiday Season. Between the candy frenzy of Halloween and the cork popping of New Year’s Eve this is the season for overdoing it, overcommitting, and overspending. Are you ready? Do you have a plan?

How can you plan you ask? Well, there are always the last minute events or occasions we don’t wish to miss out on but to a large degree I’d suggest we can plan and we can use our past experience to make thoughtful decisions.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Do as much in advance as you can; write out holiday cards early in November if you plan to do them at all, purchase supplies you have used in the past and save the receipts so you can return them if they aren’t used this year, buy gifts now unless you are hoping for an amazing sale that makes the aggravation worth it. Wrap and label those gifts now. Heck, pack and print out the shipping labels now if you can!

Write your workouts in your calendar. Yep, in pen please. This is my biggest suggestion for staying level over the holiday season. If you like to put them in your smart phone please set a reminder for about an hour ahead to ensure you’ll make it to the workout on time.

Get your flu shot. See October’s newsletter if you have questions about the thinking for this. But here’s another reason for it; you’ll be exposed to more people in this season and it’s miserable to have the flu knock you out just when you want to be seeing folks.

Lower your expectations. Get them way far down. Time and again we have learned some things just won’t change and this won’t be the year for them to be changing; hoping they will be different is just a set up for disappointment. Your flight to Florida will not be less crowded and the chances are good that Uncle Frank will crack the same awful joke he does each year.

Plan down time for yourself to be quiet and recharge.

Write out a budget. Ask yourself what’s realistic, what you can seriously afford and what is important to you. Please keep in mind that we remember experiences more than we remember things.

Good luck and happy planning of your holiday season!