“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” ― Mary Anne Radmacher

Does that quote speak to you? It speaks volumes to me. Every day I’m impressed by Thrivers who get up, get moving and try again in this new day to make a bit of change. People who make decisions that are downright courageous also impress me. It takes guts to live a life full of integrity.

One story that struck me this past year is that of a young man, a football quarterback, who kept a promise to a childhood friend from the 4th grade to take her to the prom. This struck me on two levels; he made the promise when they were both in the 4th grade which, even at the tender age of 18 was a while ago. Secondly, and the part that speaks to his integrity, is that his date has Down Syndrome. They went to different high schools and yet he still honored his promise. Ben Moser and Mary Lapkowicz are a great example of what it is to see people as they are and not how we expect them to be.

What’s more remarkable is that Ben is one of many young people who went to their proms this past year with peers who are challenged by an extra gene. James, a student at Glenelg High School in Howard County, Maryland, was asked to his prom by Maisy. Both held a sign at prom stating, “Friends Don’t Care About An Extra Gene”. A quick search on Google will lead you to many more of these types of prom dates; perhaps this is an indication of what the younger generation has in store for us as we grow older? I hope so because they sure seem like a group of young people worth getting to know!

19 year old Matthew Walzer, who has cerebral palsy, wrote a letter to the president of Nike sneakers in a bid to get the company to develop a shoe he could put on by himself and guess what? His letter worked! Nike spent 3 years designing the shoe, which is now on sale to the public. The shoe is specifically engineered to allow those with limited mobility to put on, secure and remove their own shoes. Another great example of that ‘little voice at the end of the day’.

Where will your Little Voice take you today? What do you want to accomplish that is perhaps feeling a bit too far away? Take heart, there are lots of examples out there of courage and integrity so if you’re feeling like a little boost will do you some good remember these stories or seek out some other ones!