Seeing that you are likely a regular reader of this newsletter there’s little chance you’ve missed my rants about sleeping and the importance of down time. And here we are talking about that again! Why? Because if I learned nothing else on vacation, and I learned a great deal, it was once again driven home how critical and difficult ideal sleep conditions can be to achieve. In a scenario which would feel familiar to Goldilocks, there were rooms which were cool enough but the bed was horrid, rooms where you could fry an egg on the bed because it was so warm and only one truly great room on both fronts!

Let’s review the biology to get a quick handle on the situation. As we move through the course of any given day our body temperatures naturally rise and fall a bit. As we get tired we tend to have a drop in body temperature and by the time we fall into our heaviest sleep, somewhere in the early morning hours, our bodies are as cool as they are going to be. Too hot or too cool in a room and we’re not likely to get the sleep our bodies need. (National Sleep Foundation)

Too hot is easy enough to understand; we spend too much time looking for cool and wondering when we will cool down enough to get drowsy. Too cool? Can there be such a thing? To get good, solid sleep there can indeed be ‘too cool’. If the room is too cold and we don’t have enough warmth from sheets, pajamas and blankets (not to mention a sleep partner or beast) then we’re going to be shivering. Shivering in turn prevents us from falling into the deepest sleep possible. (Time magazine, November 26, 2014).

An ideal temperature is between 65-66 degrees in the room. Sound too cool? Have you tried it yet? Be sure to layer on enough blankets or comforters so that you feel comfortable and remember that yawning is a good sign you’re getting ready for sleep! Got a sleeping partner with different blanket requirements? Try to layer or arrange the blankets so that you each stay warm enough but not too cold for sleep. Cracking the window, turning on the air conditioner, using a fan are all good ways to help you keep your bedroom at an ideal sleeping temperature.

Wishing you the best for your sleep tonight for a Thriving day tomorrow!