“I tried that and it didn’t work!” This has got to be one of the Top Ten favorite statements of my clients – hands down, top ten! Here’s the interesting point however – when we probe a bit deeper it comes to be that ‘tried’ means they did it once, maybe twice, and have decided ‘it’ isn’t working or has no potential to work. Has this been a statement you’ve used? As a Thriving Practitioner and Individual is this fair? Is it working for you or just serving to keep you stuck in your old belief and habits? As someone who really and sincerely tried for years to learn to like yogurt I’m here to tell you it can be done but it is not easy, it is not going to happen with just one try nor is it OK to say, ‘no way’ just because the first exposure didn’t work out well.

Here are some suggestions to help you along on the road of Trying Something New – will you take a crack at it?

Be ready to do it repeated times. Acupuncture, exercise, broccoli, a new system for record keeping isn’t going to ‘work’ the first time out you use it. Settle in and plan to evaluate after a month of actually following through.

Work as hard as you can to be open minded about the suggestion. This isn’t to say you need or should even do something which makes you feel significantly uncomfortable or is against your beliefs but, if the suggestion is within the reasonable for you range, has no ethical or moral complications for you and has worked for others (as in folks you know and trust) then what’s the harm in giving the suggestion a sincere effort?

Shift your attention from something that you don’t want to something you do want. This shift will have the effect of appreciating that which is more positive, allowing you to ride out the less comfortable parts.

Keep the purpose of this ‘try’ up front at all times. Your coach, your friend, your doctor didn’t make the suggestion for you to attempt something new just to watch you flounder a bit; it was made with the sincere belief it could help you in the long run.

What suggestion will you ‘try’ again? What suggestion have you dismissed without giving it an honest effort? Perhaps today would be a good day to start your ‘try’ again! Wishing you the best as you move forward to Thrive!