It is tough to think of the chaos and good cheer that will soon surround your business but it will! Whether your practice is in accounting, speech and language or personal training there will be some unique pressures which will start to mount, as the month moves along. In an effort to help you stay Thriving here are some suggestions to keep you on track.

Now is the time to start planning and organizing those reports and end of the year financials which will be due soon enough. Having any of that looming over your head as you try to enjoy the company of family and friends is stressful. Can’t write the report yet because there are too many weeks left before it’s due? Perhaps you can set up the report or get the template up and ready. Even getting the basics done and labeled can be helpful down the line.

If you are in the habit of sending holiday cards now is the time to order them, write them out and even address them, being sure to include postage! Its one less thing to think about as someone walks in the door and says, “I just realized…”

Does your Thriving Practice have inventory? Stocking up now will save you hassle later. I know for SLPs it can be hard to find appropriate holiday stickers for kids as we get closer to the big days.

Communicate with your clients your holiday schedule so they can plan accordingly. As a Thriving Practitioner it’s unpleasant to hear from a client, “I thought you’d be in that week…” You can post your schedule on your website if you have an open door policy or if your clients book their appointments in advance give them an idea that perhaps you won’t be in for several days or will be closed on other days.

The holiday rush is one of those times you really don’t want to have problems with your computer and/or website. Have them checked out for updates, bugs and viruses. Make sure your material is up to date on your website.

If you’re going away, and I hope you are at least taking some days off, don’t forget to change your voice mail! Again, now is the time to set up a reminder for yourself to do this. You can also set up a reminder for your auto-reply on your e-mail because as a Thriving Practitioners I’m sure you won’t be checking e-mail while you’re taking down time!

Let the planning begin!