Its time to move; you know its time to move because your clients can’t find parking, the building is raising your rent by three times your current costs, mice are literally running around your client’s feet (yep, happened to me!) We know moving is incredibly stressful when it’s a new home and that stress is compounded when there’s a potential impact on your bottom line. Unless your plan is to remain in place forever or purchase the building you are currently in, which will bring its own set of stressors, there are some key steps you can take to make the move as smooth as possible.

Assess your needs carefully. As a Thriving Practitioner you’re thinking not only about what you have in front of you but also what you hope to grow in the future or how you’d like to downsize in the coming years. Its important to keep in mind not only your own needs for perhaps a shorter commute or a more comfortable building but also those of your clients. It’s great if there’s parking for you but if you have clients who regularly need parking it is important that it’s accessible for them as well. Do you serve those who have mobility issues and if so is there a way for them to get to an upper floor to see you or can you use space on a lower floor to see them?

How safe is the area you’re thinking of? I knew once of a Thriving Practitioner who wanted to open a gym and thought a particular commercial area was just perfect until they realized very few women would want to be in the area either early in the morning or later in the afternoon and evening – not such a good way to attract business! What might work for you might not work for your clients.

Be mindful of costs. Moving isn’t just about the rent per square foot of space but also about what ‘add ons’ or improvements will you need to make, will you need to hire someone to help you move and set you up. Unless you’re just starting out there’s a good chance you’ll have stuff – files, chairs, a desk, computers, equipment – that will need to be loaded into your new space.

Think carefully about wiring needs. Moving to a space which lacks wiring for Internet connections will boost up your costs a great deal. If your phone system needs to be installed getting that done many weeks ahead of time often pays off later when you can receive those business calls you need to keep your business Thriving. Another Thriving Practitioner I know moved and didn’t realize the wiring wasn’t adequate in the new space she was headed for – no wonder it was a good deal! – and in the days before her move and weeks after the move she had to go through an elaborate process of having clients call her number, get directed to call her cell phone and then using a phone she had plugged in at home to call them back if she had handed her cell phone off to her receptionist to take calls with. Too much work, which could have been avoided with some advance planning.

Finally, pack with care. If possible, take the time to throw out what needs to be headed out anyway and then make sure you have ‘must need’ items close at hand. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing an important piece of equipment is buried further in some random box and yet not being able to find it. It helps to inventory and label each box as you go.

Thriving Practitioners will surely continue to Thrive and grow with a move, especially if you do it with a great deal of thought and care!