LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? Are you wondering about social media and how that might fit into your Thriving lifestyle? I am too! You must be hearing all the same hype I am about it so that left me wondering; who is using this and how is it working? Is it a piece that I want to add to my own Thriving life or would you add it to yours?

Pew Research Center has been tracking these (and other) social media sites and I thought the numbers were interesting.  Here’s how some of those numbers break down:

As of September 2013:

  • 71% of online adults use Facebook
  • 18% of online adults use Twitter
  • 17% use Instagram
  • 21% use Pinterest
  • 22% use LinkedIn

A majority of 18-29 year olds use social media in some form (90%) and in the 50-64 age group 65% use social media in some form. 46% of the 65+ populations uses social media ~ who knew?! In the male/female breakdown we see that 69% of men use social media and 78% of women use it.

We also find out from Pew that a majority of people report they use social media sites (SNS) to connect with family and friends. For those under the age of 50, SNS are used primarily to connect to current friends or reconnect with old friends; over the age of 50 they are used more for connecting to others around a hobby or interest.

All of this leaves me wondering what place SNS have in the life of Thriving Individual or Practitioner. Surely it appears that SNS have a role in connecting to individuals we know and have had or currently have a relationship with. Would it, could it allow us to connect to new clients or business? Interesting question. I have heard from some SLPs that Twitter is very helpful to them in hearing about new studies and technologies available to them.

So here’s my question for you – are you using SNS and if so how? Do you find it useful? Do you think it enhances your drive to thrive? Can’t wait to hear from you on this topic!