While there’s a good deal of talk about ‘how to’ get ones practice up and running what seems to be missing is a more basic question ~ do you have ‘it’? What is ‘it’? Specifically do you have the confidence and courage in yourself to do it? Do you have a core belief that while the road might be scary you can and will prevail and be successful?

Do you remember several years ago there was a great deal of talk about The Secret? We know The Secret isn’t really a secret; any dream or picture we have in our mind has a better possibility of becoming reality than those vague, “what if” images we have. Our minds have an amazing capacity to move us in directions we are sometime unaware of in the quest to fulfill our visions. Neuroscience is revealing more each day about how our brains do this, with the end result being we more toward the direction of our dreams at times without always being fully aware of how we got there.

The more detailed our visions for our future Thriving Practices are the more likely we are to achieve that. If you can I’d invite you to start thinking about all the pieces of your Thriving Practice; what does your office look like, how do you feel in your space, what will you be specializing in, what does your bank account look like and what does your retirement plan include? The more descriptions you can add the better. Don’t forget to include the feelings you’re working toward too! All your hard work will pay off with feelings of increased confidence, joy and freedom!

If you really want to keep yourself on track you can e-mail your future self, the self you are right now in the middle of creating! You can e-mail your future self (kind of like that exercise you might have done in elementary school with the note you wrote in the 4th grade and which was mailed to you after graduation) which will allow you to really paint in graphic detail where you want to be. FutureMe.org has a system designed to allow just that. Too high tech for you? You could write a letter to yourself and put it away for save keeping or you could put together a dream board of images that would allow you to see exactly where you want to be heading.

You can have the practice you want and desire. The how to parts will fall into place as soon as you have ‘it’ settled in your mind! Can’t wait to see where you’re headed!