Last month I asked you if you’re feeling brave, thriving and trusting enough to take advantage of the calendar this year and actually take a break. Did you do it? I was heartened to hear from some who are actually, and for the first time in one case, taking an entire week off! Brave stuff indeed!

As an Independent Clinician its hard to trust a week away will be good for everyone, as you know you’re not booking clients and might be spending money if you’re not in the office. Believe it or not however that vacation, and the expense of taking it, pay off for you, your practice and your bottom line many times over.

How you ask? Let’s start with the obvious; you’ll be away from the office. With luck you’ve taken the step to unplug or set some guidelines on when or if you’ll connect. Walking away for a little bit will allow you to decrease your stress and anxiety. Time away allows you to recharge your batteries both physically and mentally.

Being away from the office allows you as well to shift your perspective, fostering new ideas, and new ways of tackling issues in your work. We know that time away from the struggle of a puzzle we’re working on allows for our brains to shift material around in that computer of ours known as our brains, often times coming up with novel solutions to long held problems.

Vacations also provide us with deadlines. You say you don’t like deadlines? Not too many people do but they serve a purpose! Have you ever noticed that you get a great deal done before a vacation because you don’t want to leave too much if anything hanging while you are gone? On the return side you’ll be recharged, focused and wanting to get caught up. Not a bad deal!

Time away also allow us to refocus our attention on relationships that have perhaps become a bit frayed due to work schedules and the activities of daily living such as errands and the such. We can strengthen family traditions, discover new interests and just plain old be present with those we care about.

Remember recess from elementary school? Scheduled time off gives us permission to once again indulge in recess. We can play, explore a new hobby, read a book, take a walk or get to a new exercise class.

We urge those we work with to take care of themselves ~ shouldn’t we take the same suggestion? Having trouble with this suggestion? Is that a red flag that you need a vacation? I would urge you to consider it so and get time away from the office blocked out in your appointment book as soon as possible!

Can’t travel too far away? What are now called ‘stay-cations’ can be every bit as helpful as that trip you plan to parts far and wide. You can explore your local area as if you were a tourist or get to that museum or game you’ve been putting off because you just couldn’t find the time.

Happy Vacation to you!