You know the feeling – you’ve been watching your friends and co-workers start their Independent Practices and wondering if this is the year you’ll do the same. Is it? What do you need to get yourself to the next step?

As a Thriving Clinician it can sometimes be difficult to know when to start the process of change, whether that be to start seeing patients outside of your current setting or beginning to think about learning a new skill to broaden your scope of practice.

This newsletter and blog are designed in large part to help you decide what will be best for you ~ whatever that may be! Perhaps you’re newly graduated and aren’t sure yet if you’re ready for Independent work or perhaps you’ve been feeling ready to go from part time Independent work to perhaps ¾ time work. Both are great goals! Let’s see how to get to YOUR next step.

Step One: Assess your current situation to evaluate what is working for you and what’s not working. Love your work but don’t love your hours? You can change that! Tired of working with a style or method that you don’t believe is in the best long- term interest of your client? You can change that too.

Step Two: Begin to evaluate what your options are. Do you need to stay with your current employer because you can’t make due with a lower income right now? That’s OK! There are ways to make even that situation more to your liking if you need to stay. Would it be practical for you to consider weekend work or evening work?

Step Three: Gather as much information as you can. Talk to others in the field and see how they did it. I took a very well worn path when I went from part time Independent work to full time after many years; I had built up a base of clients, had steady streams of referrals in the community and a reputation. Is there a similar path for you to follow?

Step Four: Gather support; from family, friends, colleagues, referral sources, your significant other, your team. Making the move isn’t easy but you CAN do it and its helpful in the process to have a cheering section to keep you focused when you might need a bit of nudge. This may be the place you want to add a coach to your team since they can help you stay focused on that big picture while helping you through some of the hurtles that might come up.

Step Five: Go for it! Once you’ve assessed, identified options, gathered information and enlisted support its time to do something ~ anything ~ to get yourself started. The act of starting has this incredible effect of starting the momentum. Are you ready? I’m sure you are! Make a move, even a tiny one but in making the move you’re starting to make changes YOU want and that’s what makes you Thriving.